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Mira, Hugo, and Rudy arrived at Peony's house. Rudy was in a good mood. He was glad to get out of that house every once in a while; to stretch his legs a bit. Rudy would never admit it to Mira, but he rather liked when she wanted to go on one of her adventures. It gave him an excuse to go as well. A hobbit his age...desiring to go adventuring? That's thought of as queer by the other hobbits who have come of age. However, if Mira went on an adventure, well he is the protective big brother; it is his obligation. Secretly though, he really liked travelling with Mira, but he would never let her know that.

Peony must have seen them coming, she came out of her house to greet them, and there were two others with her whom Rudy had never met before. Apparently, Mira knew one of them, as she greeted the hobbit with reddish-brown hair.

"Tansy, Bunny, these are my cousins: Rudy and Mira, and their gaffer, Hugo." said Peony. "Fellas, this is Tansy and Bunny."

After everyone had exchanged hellos, and greetings, they all made their way into Peony's house.

As the small group of Hobbits was ushered into the house by a smiling Melilot, Bunny nudged Peony from behind and grabbed Tansy's hand slowing them to a stop behind the others.
Melilot raised her eyebrow and told tell them not to dawdle.
" I just need one moment with the girls Mrs Chubb, we shan't be long, I promise," Bunny said with her sweetest smile.
"Alright, but hurry up or your tea will get cold." The three lasses all nodded in unison and Melilot went in to welcome the guests.

Bunny led them back to the little table, they had sat at earlier before she began again with fervor.
"Sorry to be so abrupt, but I think we may have a problem. I thought now would be the only time we may get alone. Do you think your Mum will still go to the tavern for lunch now that you have company?
Maybe we should head back to Tansy's now and ready our things there, since Tansy's family knows we are going.
We can then come back here tomorrow morning and pick you up. We can leave our things in that bush over there before we come, so it just looks like we are visiting. If you need help still getting supplies maybe we can come up with a plan to occupy your Mum, while you get what we need.

"I think that may be best" said Peony thoughtfully, Lets try it and see what happens."
Bunny sprang up, no longer containing herself and lunged at Peony hugging her, then she turned to Tansy and hugged her in the same fashion.
"This is going to work out just fine, and we shall have a great adventure!"
"Let us go, and get ready then Tansy dear. Tansy agreed with a smile.
Bunny told Peony to make sure to tell Melilot and her guests that she was glad she had met them, but they had promised Tansy's Mum they would be home for lunch. Peony gave Tansy and Bunny a wide grin before heading back towards the house with a wave.

"Well Tansy dear shall we go? You lead the way, I'm afraid I did not pay attention to how we got here." Tansy laughed and headed towards her house.

As bunny skipped behind Tansy, her foot got caught in her skirt and she nearly lost her balance and fell, but at the last moment she caught herself and had only bowed to one knee. Out of the corner of her eye she thought she saw a small form bolt from a bush on the lawn, back towards Peony's house. Bunny blinked twice and stood up. She was sure she had just imagined it.
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