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The morning had been relatively warm, despite a bit of rain earlier, and Peony Chubb was going about her usually chores for her mother. But as she cleaned the dishes from her family’s breakfast she longed to go out for a nice long walk. It was far too nice outside to toil away on chores and such. She was quite envious of the birds that cheeped happily in the sunlight. Yet, there was work to be done and her brothers were not responsible enough.

Hamfast and Nick were off evading work, Peony was sure. She grumbled silently as she dried the dishes. Her mother came into the kitchen to assist in putting the dishes away. Melilot looked tired and Peony could tell the older Hobbit had probably had a dream about Sancho the night before.

“Where are those brothers of yours?” Melilot asked, her voice laced with melancholy.

“Probably hanging around the tavern, waiting for some lunch.” Peony dried the last plate and handed it to her mother.

Melilot rolled her eyes. “Seems hardly right for them to leave us with all the work around here. Why don’t you see if you can fetch them, while I out some tea on.”

Peony removed her apron and hurried outside. She had been waiting all morning for a chance to stretch her legs and enjoy the sunshine. Though she was on an errand, this was the perfect excuse to pick some flowers and take in the nice weather. Peony took in the fresh air and sighed happily.

“Peony Chubb!” Peony looked up the road and saw two figures moving quickly up the road. But she wasn’t expecting anyone today, so who could it be?

“Peony!” One of the figures called and waved. Recognition hit Peony as the grew ever closer.

“Mum! Tansy Bogsworth is here!” Peony called to her mother and sprinted up the road to greet her friend and her traveling companion.
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