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Bunny was so relieved when Tansy and her family decided she should go with Bunny. She didn't know it was bothering her, but now it felt like a weight was lifted off her shoulders.

Bunny shoved one last morsel of food into her mouth and stood up to help with the clearing up. "That was just a delicious meal Maylily, thank you for having me." Maylily nodded her head towards the pile of mess sitting at the front door, which use to be Bunny's belongings. "I guess you'll be needing your things washed up, I can throw them in with the load I have from Tansy...That lass always has so much laundry... well I guess it's hard to tell which is clean or dirty when it's all over the floor!!" Tansy rolled her eyes at this causing Bunny to hold back a snort. "I will say however while I wash your mess, you my dear must clean up the mud you've left on the floor.

Bunny giggled and apologized profusely as she took the mop from Maylily. Tansy finished up the dishes and came to wait for Bunny to finish. "Since your Mother has been so gracious and kind to me, " Bunny said with a smile. " Shall we go see Peony after I finish up here? Do you think she will be home? I guess we might as well take a walk over, the weather seems like it's picking up and we might just have a sunny day. If she agrees to join us and we can get everything we need, we may just be able to leave tomorrow."
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