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Originally Posted by Legate of Amon Lanc View Post
Sephiroth, I thought that maybe you could connect your character with Mishka's (my character's) appearance. He's going to join the company after some time when they cross the Brandywine and enter the Shire itself, so it's still a long time till that, and it won't mix with the storyline that is now being created about the other characters (as it seems problematic to join them all together even as it is).
Perfect! I'll think about Mishka when I create my character. Maybe they can be friends or just acquaintances. I'll get in touch with you later.

Originally Posted by Legate of Amon Lanc View Post
it's a hebrew word used in certain ways of mystic judaism for ten "attributes" of God. I doubt the FF authors had any intention with it, it probably just sounded "cool and alien enough" But you see, this far your name is not creating exactly the assotiations you intended
Ok, I have to say that you guys make me feel completely noob!
But, since I like sounding cool and alien, I'll get used to it
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