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I've posted, it's a bit short, but I'm finding it hard to put down too much when I need a reply from Tansy. Lommy if you have time on Sunday to get a post up I can do another right after and we can get us through breakfast. Perhaps we could go visit Peony then after breakfast.... how did you want us to handle this Kitanna? Did you want one of us to ask you to come, or did you want to ask us if you can come? That is up to you, depending on how your character would react. either way you could meet us at Tansy's when we leave or we could pick you up on the way.

LMP, Boro and Findulias, you can plan to come in around luncheon as LMP suggested. That will give Tansy and Bunny time to chat with Peony. Brown you can show up when you like, were you planning on staying at Tansy's house while you visited? Looks like the Bogsworth's are going to have a full house.
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