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Gaffer Hugo was a happy hobbit in the main. He liked having enough coin - which he did - to be able to do what he wished. He liked having a nice little cart and old Mosy, his pony, to pull it, as often as not wherever Mosy's nose chose to take it. When he retired, he had sold his big drover's cart for something more manageable, and was quite pleased with his new one. He had it painted bright green. It was still big enough to do an odd job now and then for a grocer or butcher who needed something taken to one of the inns.

Gaffer Hugo liked it, too, that Snatch sat right next to him on the cart's big bench most of the time. Snatch was three years old, a true bred North Farthing Tunnel Dog, which meant he was small as dogs go; it also meant that his body was strong and he could jump very high for his size. His fur was short and bristly, his snout strong, his ears short and pendant, his eyes bright as sunshine in a pond. His bark was loud and brisk and high pitched, and he used it often whether in greeting or chasing game. True to his breed, Snatch chased game into their burrows, and had a nack for snatching them when they thought they was safe; and so his name.

Gaffer Hugo was not in his cart, but in the home of his grandson Rudy. It was a fine house Rudy owned, for house it was instead of a hole - these Bucklanders were strange, even when they were Hugo's own kin. It felt a little odd to sleep above ground, Hugo thought, but it was all right. Hugo had just got up from a good night's sleep. After stretching and cracking and rubbing his old achy knees and toes and fingers, he let Snatch out for a morning romp; he checked in on Mosy, who was doing fine, for Rudy kept a fine stable too. Hugo went back inside where he could smell the rashers of bacon and the eggs and cakes on the griddle. He sighed with delight and patted his tummy in anticipation. Mira could cook a fine breakfast.

"Good morning, Mira! It smells wunnerful in here!"
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