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“So where do we start the search?”

Gable’s question had been marked with a sharp out rushing of breath, causing Rusty to wonder once more if there was something bothering the young elf. Taking his gaze from her worried face, the shirif scanned the common room, contemplating the best way to locate the locket’s owner. The furnishings of the inn were such that some were of a size to accommodate the local regulars, while other bits were more human sized. Reckoning that his own hobbit stature would put him only at about shoulder level with the few taller occupants of the room, seated thought they were, Rusty looked about for a way to bolster his stature.

His eyes came to rest on the small raised platform upon which the frequent entertainments of the inn were performed. There remained two stools from the last night’s players. Rusty grabbed Gable’s elbow and steered her towards the little stage. Jumping up nimbly onto one of the stools, the shirif cleared his throat in his most officious manner. Plucking his thumbs through his braces, his chest swelling out, he spoke in a loud, clear voice, “Attention! Attention please! Everyone settle down now. We’ve an announcement to make here, a very important announcement and we need quiet so’s all can hear.”

He nodded up at Gable, who now stood beside him, her head still far above his own. His eyebrows rose slightly and he nudged her gently in the ribs with his elbow. “Go on, lass.” He whispered hoarsely. “Tell ‘em what you found.” The room had quieted and all eyes were focused on the two, waiting expectantly.
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