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Primrose watched Will as he stood over the sink, still swishing water around his mouth with his face twisted in disgust.

"What's the trouble, Will?"

A still queasy-looking Will raised his hand, asking for a moment to recover before answering.

"Do you know of anyone who has lost a locket?" asked Gable. At almost the same moment, Primrose burst into laughter at Will's predicament.

"Oh, poor Will," she gasped between guffaws. "If you could see your face right now. I've not seen such a sight since the time the Tunnelly children slipped salt in the sugar bowls. When you're feeling better, I'd like to know the trouble too. do hope it's not a problem with our cooking." She laughed again until she was breathless.

"I'm sorry, Gable. I didn't mean to stop anyone's answering your question. A lost locket?" Prim winked at Rusty. "That sounds like it might be a case for our Sheriff."
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