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Gable had just finished mucking out the last of the stalls. Then she supplied the ponies with fresh hay and water. She sat on a pile of hay and took out the locket again, puzzled at its being in the injured pony’s stall…She sighed as again, she could find no place anywhere of any inscription of whom it could belong to. She rubbed one side against her sleeve, to wipe of a tiny smudge on the edge, but, as she expected, nothing was writing under the smudge, or engraved into the locket. She knew that she couldn’t keep it secret, because if one of the visitor’s here were leaving today, it would be lost to them until their next visit, if they were to come once again to the Golden Perch Inn…

She sighed again, and put the lock back into her pocket. She had a sudden memory flash in front of her eyes, briefly, but one of the few that she had when she headed in a certain direction, off in her own imagination from when she was little. She had been pretending to help to slay a dragon, who was feeling rather grumpy about someone steeling his gold crown and a couple of medallions and his favorite goblet. He had been attacking the village for hours and she was among the three brave villagers’ who had the courage to face the dragon without any wizards being in the area.

They had been fighting for hours, their feet sore from the long walk, their arms tired from holding their shields and weapon. The dragon kept shooting a wave of flame at them, but then, she had been interrupted from her play, by a cry down by the river. She instantly ran down to it, though she knew the cry to be neither human nor elf. She had just reached the bank when she had seen a wolf pup struggling in the river, and she never knew why she did, but she climbed onto a branch and reached out over the river, where she had accidentally fallen in herself, when she had promised her parent’s to stay out of the water for one day, and trouble. Then struggling, she had saved the poor creature. Once she had reached the other side of the bank, she put the cub down and he bowed his head and then raised it and howled. Soundlessly, his mother came and through a silent understanding, thanked her, in some mysterious way….

Then, as sudden as the memory had come, it had vanished. She blinked and wondered why she had thought of it, after being nearly killed by three of them. She had always known that she could be strong, and brave, yet she always had a soft spot for little ones, one that she had never been able to overcome. She then shook the thoughts from her mind, and checked on the injured pony again. Eating like all the other pony’s, and some-what spook-able.

She then headed into the inn where she headed into the kitchen, and found Will swishing his mouth full of water. Then she heard Dick ask, “What’s the trouble, Will?” somewhat amusingly, but a more of it was curiosity. Without giving anyone the time to say something she cassually asked, to no one in particular, “Do you know of anyone who has lost a locket?”
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