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Rusty inched his way into the kitchen, his hand warily creeping forward to the tray of cooling bisquits which lay on the nearby shelf. Picking his moment, as Cela turned her back to tend to the things cooking on the large stovetop, he grabbed one of the flakey, buttery creations and winked at Prim. As Cela whirled around, Rusty whipped the bisquit behind his back, his face a study in innocence. He kept his gaze riveted on the far wall as Prim politely replied to his inquiry.

"Befallen? You might say that. I had quite a fall yesterday from a ladder, and I've had quite enough of falls for the present, I must say." She smiled, certain that her accident would rapidly become family gossip and add to the general impression of her being odd and flighty. "How have you been, Cousin Rusty?"

“Oh, me? Can’t complain. Can’t complain, young ‘un. My roof’s sprung a leak like a geyser, what with the rain we’ve had lately. My shoulder’s been a little tetchy, what with the damp and all in the cell.” Rusty made an appropriate grimace as he rotated said shoulder cautiously. “I keep telling them over Michel Delving way that there roof’s needed fixing for the past year or so. But do they listen? Why, if I ever do need to lock anyone up there, they’d be able to climb their way right out through the hole that’s a gapin’ there now.”

His gaze focusing once more on his young cousin, the shiriff took on a more fatherly tone, as he pontificated. “Fallen off a ladder, is it? Well, now, missy, you should be more careful of yourself. No need to go clambering about like a squirrel, not at your age! And where was that Will of yours while you was a fallin’ down like an over ripe walnut? Next thing you know, the wolves will be a carrying you away and him not knowing til he’s gone home and missed his supper.” Rusty assumed an air of righteous indignation at this lack of sufficient care of his cousin on the part of that whipsnap Will.
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