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Between wolves and the accidents plaguing the Inn, Primrose had started to think that she'd have a better chance of peace and quiet at home. Wolves. Who ever would believe it? Leastways, it looks as if they've been chased off. Thank goodness. She shook her head and stopped slicing her biscuit dough to rub her leg, propped on a chair covered with a stack of soft pillows.

Cela noticed the pause. "Doing alright there, Primrose?" she asked.

"Oh, I'm managing pretty well." Determined to show how well, Primrose suddenly stood and hopped to the oven to check the last batch of biscuits. Her leg protested the motion with a jab that made her wince just as a new voice rang out in the kitchen.

"What's all this I hear about wolves?" was quickly followed by, "Why cousin, whatever in the world has befallen you?"

Prim suddenly felt a longing to hurry out the back door and hide. That voice was familiar - she'd heard it at birthday parties for her father's connections. A cousin of some sort. She wasn't sure of the exact relationship, her father's family having mostly considered her Hobbiton-allied mother as 'odd folk.' They had mostly kept their distance, unless to stop in for tea to peer in to see if folk from other parts of the Shire were as strange as they thought, and if the 'poor children' were like to turn out as odd. They were rarely disappointed, since they seemed to have a knack for finding any predictions they made true no matter what the situation.

"Befallen? You might say that. I had quite a fall yesterday from a ladder, and I've had quite enough of falls for the present, I must say." She smiled, certain that her accident would rapidly become family gossip and add to the general impression of her being odd and flighty. "How have you been, Cousin Rusty?"
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