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Humph! mused Tollers. What sort of strange fellow was this?

Tollers had never heard of any hobbit with a name like Gandrio Dwellover. It sounded rather odd to him. Neither was he familiar with Mistress Romilia or any Dwellover Farm, and he knew a good number of folk in these parts. Now the lass that the stranger was speaking with, the one named Lily Bunce, looked like a sensible hobbit, even if her gingham was a bit faded and she'd admitted to sleeping in a pile of hay. After all, he himself had been hard pressed on more than one occasion.

Still, it would not do to be inhospitable to guests. Master Dick had given very explicit instructions on that point. He went up to the two of them, beaming his most welcoming smile, although privately wondering about the name Gandrio, and then began to speak. "Well, Miss Lily , I don't know about any permanent positions open but Master Dick the Innkeeper, is often on the look out for a spot of temporary help. And we've had a few folk taking tumbles off the roof so they're laid up a bit. You might want to talk with Master Dick. If anyone can help you with that, it's him."

"As to you.... Master Gandrio. A pleasure to meet you. That is your name, I believe? Most unusual.... You are welcome here, though I am afraid I have never had the pleasure of meeting your mother or visiting Dwellover Farm. Would they be in these parts, or have you come to us from a more distant part of the Shire or perhaps even Bree?" Then he added as an afterthought so as not to be negligent in his duties, "Can I get you two anything to eat? I know sleeping in haypiles always makes me ravenous."

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