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Firefoot - Good to see you back!


Great post, and thanks! The side route is definitely interesting, but I'm having trouble visualizing it because that has never been my strong suit. Is the side tunnel a clear, open space, or is there a point where only a child and a hobbit or a dwarf could squeeze through (the latter with difficulty?) The ending of your post suggests the latter and something that will have to be dug out? Is that right? (Good job for a Dwarf or a Hobbit)


Great suggestions on the thread and by pm about planning! Special thanks to Folwren and Nogrod. We've patched ideas together to make a rough outline. None of this is set in stone, and I look forward to any further ideas/comments from those who are returning from time away (as well as those who've already shared in the discussion).

Proposed Plot Outline
  • Imak’s sword is missing.
  • Orcs agree to make one last raid after dark before clearing out.
  • Vrór and Carl spy on the slavers and develop a plan.
  • The fellowship rescues the kids at night and kills several baddies to even the odds. Orcs raid the slavers’ camp at virtually the same time.
  • Imak deals with both disturbances, rides out but then turns back at the slave camp, vowing revenge.
  • The fellowship triumphantly enters the slave camp with the children.
  • The good guys must decide whether to flee immediately, or to stand their ground since there is certain to be an attack the next night.
  • Orcs learn of the slavers’ plans for an outside assault and decide to stick another night to help themselves to more goodies, since there will be no one in camp.
  • Fellowship/slaves set up a number of tricks as discussed on this thread, e.g, nets, trenches, decoys.
  • Slaves victorious in battle. They decide to march the six miles back to the slavers camp to reap their rewards.
  • The orcs are discovered---this still has to be worked out

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