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“I noticed you’re a little short on help,” Jack said. “Just Mistress Brandybuck for the cooking and Tollers for the serving. Think there might be something I could lend a hand?’

“Help? Oh, yes, I’m sure you could,” Dick replied, his face brightening. This Jack fellow wasn’t quite so rough and useless as his appearance had first made him seem. What was more, he was not so bad looking, cleaned up and put into some clean clothes. “We’ve got lots of customers here today,” he continued, “and Rowan just seems to have disappeared. She’ll be back shortly, no doubt. But, until then, why don’t you run out to the Common Room with me and we’ll see what needs to be done. Before hand, though, we’ve better settle if this will be done for payment for your room. I am quite willing for that to be, but if you would rather be paid in coin and then pay that right back to me for the keep, then so be it. What do you say?”


Dorlind stood studying the two whistles that Taffy had pressed into his little hands. They were beautiful things, he thought. And the two separate carvings on the side made so much sense.

“What’ve you got, Dorly?” asked his sister, coming up to his side. Her little friend had gone in with her brother, Taffy, and she stood, catching her breath after the game of chaise. “Where’d you get those?”

“Taffy made them for us! One for you, and one for me. See, yours has a flower on it.” He handed hers to her. “And this one, with the bird on it, is mine. We’re not going to get them mixed up that way.”

“Sure, Dorlind!” Daisy said, taking her little present with delight. “Taffy made these for us!”

“Yes, and he was also making something else and while he was there carving, a dwarf came up and said he would tell him a story about a dragon and Dorlind says it will be scary and he said I could listen to it! But he had to go in and eat supper and we should go in, too.”

Acting as Taffy had done, he took his sisters hand and led her towards the door. Daisy bounced along at his side, looking at her whistle and talking as she went. “A dwarf talked to him! I wish it’d been me! He’s going to tell a story? Can I listen Dorlind, can I, can I?”

They were coming into the common room now. Dolrind stopped just inside the door and looked over at her. “No, Daisy, you couldn’t listen! You’d be scared. Taffy says that it will be scary and whenever you get scared you always have to sleep with Mami and Papi and then I’m all by myself and I don’t know like that.”

“That’s just cause you get scared,” Daisy returned, sticking out her tongue.

“I do not!” Dorlind said, dropping her hand and stepping away. “You take that back!”

“I don’t have to ‘cause it’s true!”

Dorlind gave an angry shout and lunged towards her. Daisy let out a loud squeal somewhere between glee and fright and darted away, leading the chaise around the room. She dodged between tables, and under them a-times, and Dorlind went right after her, nearly catching her many times. Daisy popped up under one table, turned her head to see where Dorlind was, her feet still going, and suddenly –

“Oomph!” Daisy ejaculated as she ran straight into the side of a chair. Dorlind skidded to a stop three paces behind her, gasping and staring. Daisy turned her head and looked up. Her eyes became wide and her mouth opened. Looking down at her was an unfamiliar face of a red bearded dwarf.
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