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For the past hour, Tollers had given no thought whatsoever to his coin. He had been far too busy to think about it. Everyone in the Inn seemed to be hungry and thirsty, and demanding their bread and ale as quickly as he could deliver it to them. Tollers had tried to please everyone and had run from table to table, but still he was sure that he had forgotten something. Leaning against the bar and sighing, he wiped his forehead with the back of his hand until suddenly he remembered what he had forgotten. Grabbing one of the flasks of nut brown ale, he rushed over to where the Dwarves were seated and held out the pitcher towards them.

"Excuse me, Master Dwarves. I'm terribly sorry to interrupt your conversation. But one of you....I believe it was the gentleman over there," Tollers pointed towards Bvor, "asked for more ale. I've been so busy serving and only got around to bringing it now. I'm very sorry to be so late." Tollers set the pitcher down on the table and stepped back as he caught sight of the tiny bottle of spirits that the Dwarves were passing around between them. "Ah... I see you've already found another brew. Shall I take this ale away then, or would you still like it with the rest of your meal? Either way is fine. Only I'd be much obliged if you could kindly give me the sixpence for the first flask so we can square up your account."

He held out his hand awaiting payment.

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