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Dick’s eyes shone as Cir talked about the music. “Oh, we might find other fellows who play some music. I don’t think any of our instruments will fit you, but in accompaniment with some others, you’d make great music. Our songs are simple to what you’re used to, no doubt. Go find yourselves seats for now, though. Supper’s nearly ready to be served.”

He hurried away into the kitchen to see just how near dinner was. Passed him as he drew near the door and Dick made way.

“Hollo, Tollers! How was the catch? Never mind - deal with what you’ve got, then you can come bak to tell me.” He patted him on the shoulder as they passed each other and Tollers continued on out towards the Common Room and Dick went into the kitchen. He stopped in the doorway, his nostrils twitching.

“What’s that I smell?” he asked, half eagerly half doubtfully. “Not mushrooms!”

“Mushrooms it is!” Cela told him from the stove. Dick hurried to her side. His mouth watered as he looked at the frying pan full of sizzling mushrooms. “Keep your nose out of it, Master Dick. I’ll let you know when they’re done.”

Dick grinned and went away obediently. “Hello, Jack,” he said to the man standing awkwardly by the kitchen table. “How was fishing?”
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