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... a bit more, sorry...

So in the morning as the the fs & the slaves have greeted and appreciated each others (or not), they would realise that:
a) the slavers would be back the next night
b) open fight is too risky
c) fs knows where the slaver-camp is and could estimate there being lots of food & other stuff in there

They decide to move a bit forwards, finding a suitable location to the trap they would lay and then camp there?

In the evening they would put up decoy-sleepers by gathering sacks and bags and stones and whatever and cover them with blankets around small fires. Maybe a couple of guards out in the open just to look believable (not only one any more as they have the experience of the last night)? And all those able to use weapons - and to whom there are weapons to share - to wait in a suitable position, hidden from the sight of anyone approaching the camp?

Maybe some more sophisticated things too? If they would have a net, they could lay it through a suitable trail into the camp, laying it to the ground so that it could not be noticed from afar, and then hoist it as the riders come rushing over it? I believe we could come up with many possible traps together... If there would be a few trees or piles of stone / big rocks, some could hide in them and then drop the riders from their saddles with a simple rope that could be hoisted high enough when they pass the trees / rocks, whatever...

Just some ideas for you to elaborate...

Then a wish.

If the "battle" takes place before I come back, I would like someone of you to mention Hadith somewhere so that I could continue from there. My idea is, that he's now gotten an experience of not being able to do anything (the first phases of the first attack) and of succeeding (dropping the Easterling), of humiliation (been stolen the knife) and of a triumph (proving Khamir he had been right and making it somewhat in a "manly" fashion). So now he would need a real challenge with these manly arts he so much appreciates and seems to crave for.

So someone could note (or order, if it's Khamir ) him to take a responsible or tough place and maybe to notice him to have trouble with it. What I'm after is that Hadith would be very self-assured and proud to take that post and then learn that it's not so easy to be a hero...

I have sent Regin some outlines for the discussion between Ishkur's and Gwerr's little get-together from Gwerr's part. So Regin will be using Gwerr with my full approval and confidence while I'm away.

See you on the August 4th. I just can't wait to see where you have gotten this story by then!
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