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Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
25 versus 65 plus an Elf, two men, and a Dwarf well-armed (and with six horses), plus an Istari (well, I imagine Aiwendil can hold his own in a fight, heh)...and then Athwen and Carl, who I think could take out a baddie in a pinch.

Numbers do matter. Besides, at least I'm not imagining the slavers as that well-armed. It's still Mordor, and it's not going to be a place where any good weapons and the like are easy to come by. And these guys are bounty hunters trying to earn money for a reason, so I imagine they're not well-off in any way.

That's at least how I've been picturing them, though perhaps I've been in my own little world....

And though the sixty-five includes women and children, they're by no means completely helpless, even if Khamir sometimes thinks they are.

Perhaps we could kill a number of slaves off to make things as realistic as possible? I'm always up for lowering the numbers in such a way.

If all else fails when it comes to realism, we pull the Istari card.

Speaking of which... What can Aiwendil talk animals into doing?

To try and be more helpful...a more specific response to this:

seeing as all of them are fully armed and are also trained fighters, also much better fed and physically prepared for a fight
Trained fighters I doubt. They're not soldiers. They're bandits who deal with human beings, essentially. And better fed, maybe, but the slaves are not weak. They've been living in worse conditions than they are on the move for years as slaves. Their bodies are probably reacting positively to such.

Just my thoughts, though they are mostly based on assumptions. Not that we have much else to go on.
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