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‘Well, there goes the nap!’ thought Bívor to himself as the Dwarf approached. He settled himself back in his chair, motioning for Bávor to sit back down.

Master Oakenarrow!’ Skirvir stood up from his chair and reached over to pull out the other chair at their table. ‘Skirvir,’ he said by way of introduction, indication himself as he gestured to the empty seat. ‘And this is Bívor and his younger brother, Bávor.’

‘Yes, please, have a seat, won’t you. Kár, isn’t it?’ Bávor smiled genially at the newcomer. He turned in his seat and motioned for one of the servers. ‘Another pitcher of ale, please.’

Bívor looked at Kár, wondering at his offer of service. Was there something Kár knew? Of course not, you’re being silly! he told himself. None but the three of them knew of their underlying plans.

‘Where have you traveled from, Kár?’ Bávor asked, pouring a round of ale from the new pitcher. ‘We’re heading eastward, toward the Blue Mountains. We’ve heard, even in The Lonely Mountain, that there are interesting caverns to be seen beneath them. Carved out long ago,’ he paused for a moment. ‘Perhaps by some of our fathers’ fathers and before.’
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