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"Hi there!" a new voice called out. "Could I get some ale? I heard rumor that it's supposed to be the best in this beautiful country. By the way, I'm Kár - Kár Oakenarrow."

Dick turned away from the female Cir and walked towards the newcomer. It was another dwarf.

“Good afternoon, sir!” he said. “You certainly can get some ale. A pint, sir? Some of the golden brew?” Kár agreed and Dick quickly served him. “Welcome, Kár Oakenarrow,” he said, as he gave it to him. “I guess you’ll find out for yourself if it is the best ale this way. I think it is, but of course any chap who owns a place will say that. Find yourself a place to sit and make yourself comfortable. Shortly, we’ll have fish stew ready to serve. Over yonder are three of your kind.” He nodded towards Skirvir, Bívor and Bávor. “P’raps you know each other? If not, you could also make a new acquaintance.”

Kár looked over towards the three dwarves and Dick smiled encouragingly. “If you’re wanting any food now to break whatever fast you’ve held on the road, then we can get you something but-”

He was interrupted as one of the elves called him. He nodded to the dwarf. “Go find a seat,” he said again. “If you want anything, call me, or find one of the servers. . .” As he turned again to face Cir and Cir he cast a glance around. No server was in sight. He gave an inward sigh before giving all his attention to Cir, the girl one.

"Dick," she began, choosing her words carefully, "my brother and I are traveling but the group we are with is taking a few days rest before we continue. They are pilgrims, and not lively enough for our tastes. This Inn, though, seems like a fine place to stay a while. We have some money and are happy to pay for everything we eat and drink, but if we do that we would not have enough to pay for a room. I don't wish to be rude but might it be possible for us to make a deal? Cir and I have some skill with music and would be happy to earn our keep by entertaining your other patrons, if you are agreeable to that?"

For a moment, Dick made no immediate response. He turned her idea over in his head and then his eyes brightened. “What sort of music are you and your brother capable of?” he asked, almost eagerly. “We haven’t had a bit of lively music in this place for some time. It would be an excellent way to pass the evening! I think that’s doable. How long do you intend on staying?”
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