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Rowan turned the map this way and that. She’d never really seen one before. Though, she’d heard of them in stories. But those sort were always maps the heroes and such would use to find their way to a treasure of some sort. She traced the X with her forefinger.

‘Maybe he didn’t steal the jewels,’ Rowan said slowly, thinking aloud. ‘What if those are part of a treasure he found.’ Her eyes grew wide. ‘What if there were so many jewels and necklaces and goblets of gold and silver and coins that he could only carry a few around with him? This just might be a map to all that.’

She stared dreamily up toward the overarching leaves of the arbor. ‘We could find it! Don’t you think?’

Rowan smoothed the map out again on the bench and looked expectantly at Meliot. ‘Now all we have to do is figure out what all the little pictures are supposed to stand for.’

On one side of the paper was what sort of looked like water with boats that had sails. Then land, and crudely marked mountainy things and more land and a string of hills that ran across the middle of the paper, which was where the ‘X’ was. Part of the paper, on the right hand side, was torn off…

Rowan sighed. ‘Looks like something a little kid scribbled…what do you think?’
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