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Hey, this is the Movieverse - I'm not even sure Buckland exists, let alone how far it is to the Brandywine Bridge! A few minor tweaks and a storm that lives two months and wanders across an entire continent are a small price to pay.

You have to wonder just how dense the Witch-King was. 'Not by the hand of man will he fall', says Glorfindel, but whether that's a lowercase or capital M, there are thousands of ways for him to die regardless. Heck, per TH:B5M, he actually faced Galadriel herself at Dol Guldur. Did he never go 'hey, girls with swords, better watch out for them'?

Actually, I realise in hindsight that this is a perfect Nazgul-killing group, because no less than three of them are (if you'll pardon the term) some form of water-mage. Movie!Arwen of course summoned a flood down the Bruinen; Galadriel is sporting the Ring of Water; and Goldberry is the River-Woman's Daughter. Between them, they're perfectly positioned to send the Nine scurrying 'unhorsed and unmasked' back to Mordor any time they run into them by a river.

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