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Originally Posted by Ivriniel View Post
Wielder of a voice "deeper than a woman's wOnt' and to Feanor "unfriends forever", then forever spurning of Celebrimbor, with the duality in the Elessar history associated, then wielder of Nenya, abandoner of Celeborn, and keeper of a magical Mirror, grower of Mallorn, a seed that would grow, ordinarily, only as far East of Valinor as Numenor.

What do we make of all that, as an allied data to the opening post?

We get the sense she could have wielded the One and subordinated Sauron. Thus, I have to say her accumulation of power set her to Maia status.

A caveat I add is there's a lot of vanity implied, or conceit, if you take the view that "a grudge is a disease of vanity". She was Banned for a very long time. I wonder about Mandos's antipathy and what he was wary of.

At my most 'event horizon' of days, I see her on the Westward Road, unveiling herself, as a stench of evil and Frodo, Sam and Bilbo down deep knew, and went West to assist, before she grew swollen with conceit, like Ungoliant to sully and corrupt Valinoreans.

“Galadriel was 'unstained': she had committed no evil deeds. She was an enemy of Fëanor. She did not reach Middle-earth with the other Noldor, but independently. Her reasons for desiring to go to Middle-earth were legitimate, and she would have been permitted to depart, but for the misfortune that before she set out the revolt of Fëanor broke out, and she became involved in the desperate measures of Manwe, and the ban on all emigration.”
-J.R.R Tolkien letters 353
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