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Sam brightened at the thought of the fine food and drink at the Prancing Pony. For the first few moments of their walk to the inn, his thoughts dwelt pleasurably on ale, bread and cheese. Shortly, however, they drifted to his companions and what little he knew about most of them.

Toby Mugwort and Madoc Hurnt he knew by sight; both were of an age with his Dad. The youngest hobbit, the Twofoot boy, he knew only slightly better from a few occasions when he and his dad had brought some of their tools to the smithy to be repaired. So far as Sam knew, all three of the other hobbits were solid and steady fellows.

The Men he thought were a mixed bag. For one thing, they included a female, Leonora. Her inclusion had surprised him greatly. Although Sam was aware of her hoydenish girlhood, when she and her twin had indulged in their fair share of hijinks in Bree, it seemed strange to him that a girl would want to leave her home for what could be a very dangerous job. He wondered if the twins were too young to be an asset to the 'Defenders', although he said nothing. Farmer Mugwort had accepted both of them, and he was the leader despite what the dwarf said.

He wasn't quite sure about Master Parkun, either. Sam had observed the innkeeper's second son during some of his periodic visits to the Pony. There wasn't anything he could put his finger on, so to speak, but the lad had run with a wild crowd when he was younger. And he wasn't a particularly friendly type either. Sometimes he acted like he was trying to hide something. Erling, on the other hand, was an outgoing, pleasant sort. Sam knew him from the inn, too. A friendly fellow in his early tweens, he was always hanging on new folk passing through, asking for travelers' tales. Sam liked what he'd seen of him up to now.

He reserved judgement on the strange Man, and the dwarf, who seemed pretty high and mighty going on about trolls and fighting and such. That Grimbeorn at least hadn't tried to boss everyone around.

Catching up to his friend Eric, he murmurred quietly enough so no one could hear, "Quite a group we've got here, haven't we?"

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