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Originally Posted by Eomer of the Rohirrim View Post
I'm leaning away from Nog being the visitor, simply because I would have expected a Ranger save to be more strongly hinted at. This would mean it's the GW who keeps getting thwarted, because we haven't seen the visitor yet, suggesting that Boro was indeed a wolf and that it was the GW plus gifted who were happy that Boro was on the chopping block.
Are you including the Ranger blocking a pick as a Ranger save? Or do you just mean from a kill? Because if the former is the case, then if you're right, we have to assume that the thwarting is in the form of the pickee already being converted by the other side, in which case it seems more likely that it is the EW being blocked. The GW only has two picks that are blockable in such a way, and I imagine that the Ranger was probably assigned on N1 (I mean, I know that's what I would do as the GW), so it's really only a Hunter pick that could be so blocked. Given that we're still alive, we know the EW only has a maximum of two wolves, and therefore (unless both Boro and Nog are wolves, in which case the Ranger assumption is wrong) would have had at least one pick left last Night, which I imagine they would use ASAP as the size of the village decreases and therefore the Wizards' Duel draws nearer.

This is all pretty worrying because it means that if the evil side does have 2 wolves, we need to vote correctly toDay to not lose the game.

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