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Originally Posted by Nerwen
"Suspect the helpful" theme continues...
I think your getting this from a post I made yesterDay. To clarify, I said it's a bad idea to write someone off as innocent because they're being helpful as it can be a classic wolf tactic. That isn't to say it's always the case or that someone can't be both helpful and innocent.

Anyway, I have yet to vote for anyone for the sole reason of looking too helpful as I agree that really isn't a good reason on its own.

Originally Posted by Nerwen
#461. Votes Eonwe because "I found him concerning on both lists I just made". Which is to say, being too helpful plus voting someone of then-unknown role.
I voted for Eonwe because a) his bandwagon vote looked opportunistic to me and b) I found his focus on the Dead Thread and other game play rules/technicalities to be distracting and I could see a baddie doing this to draw focus away from who to lynch. Not because he was being too helpful.

I referred to my previous post when voting as I had run out of time to write more, but I apologize if my reasons weren't clear at the time. Though, this is the second time I've had to clarify my vote to you so I don't understand why you keep misrepresenting it.
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