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Originally Posted by Eomer of the Rohirrim View Post
But what about this from Boro's lynch:

"Those who knew his head would sheer off were mad with glee."

What's this about? Who could have known he wasn't a wizard? Was he the one double-targeted on the previous night, and this info was passed along to the wolves? Maybe. Has there really only been 2 wolves this whole time?
I suppose it's possible that the GW could have informed the gifted(s) that Boro was a wolf. In any case, Boro must have been targeted by both wizards. If they both did it the previous night, then it would be the EW/wolves mad with glee; same if the GW had got to him first. But if the EW had got to him first then it could be the GW/gifted mad with glee.

All right, new hypothesis based on complete guesswork around the narrations.

Night 1: nothing weird; everyone targets different people.

Night 2: Very loud buzzing, bang, fizzle, pop. 'Absolute silence' - the EW and the GW targeted same person. Nothing changes.

Night 3: same as Night 1.

Night 4: buzzing, whoosh, clang, doink, 'who put that there?' The other wizard targets Boro and is thwarted. 'Silence without stillness, swirling of many powers' - what is this.......

Night 5: buzzing, fizzle, nothing. Can you believe this?' 'That was the only noise in the night'. Wizard finds Wizard.
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