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Originally Posted by William Cloud Hicklin View Post
I think this was addressed in that thread: the Choice was given to Earendil, Elwing and their descendants, only.
Thank you William.

I will bring the actual Silmarillion text, citing Mandos's literal words at some point here.

The questions about the Peredhil or Pereldar (another item or emphasis of discussion) raises at least three broad areas of inquiry.

1. The question of Doom, and 'what Doom' means for Mandos to Grant the Choice to another Peredhil, of however much Mortal blood (and -- I've deliberately worded it that way, because I'm not convinced that a quarter-blood, for example, should be denied Doom and Choice - see below).

2. The question of Grace and traverse to Valinor, (a separate point about accessing the Straight Road, and 'for Whom'). Interestingly, if Frodo, Bilbo and Gimli (presumably) are permitted traverse, then any being with any splash or no of Elven blood may traverse. However, the question raised is--is this Doom or Blood that is about the Straight Road. So, for example, is 'any old Peredhil' permitted (who, for example, chose the Edain). Could the Princes of Dol Amroth traverse? Did any of them (such as for example Gilmith traverse, who is Imrazor's and Mithrelas's other child?

3. The question, most high on my mind, is one about bloodline synergy. People most often assume that 'Half-Elven' means 'you didn't get all the Elven powers, body traits or Lorecraft'.

I do not accept this premise. A half-elf is the paradox of Both and Neither, which can be fathomed in many ways. Both and Neither is a synergy question to put to the Union (c.f. 'melding') of Blood. The question of capacities for a being of such mystical union, can be biological, mental, metaphysical (the 'Otherworld/Glorfindel' example at Flight to the Ford), or Spiritual in the more literal or symbolic sense.

These are all questions for discussion here and commentary, or items for new threads.

Thank you for posting, and please continue if you have something to say. The Foundation is not just a summary thread. It's to elicit and prompt new ways of conceiving of --ideas-- implied by Canon, sometimes by noting inconsistencies in it.

Kind Regards, and hope you have been well

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