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William Cloud Hicklin

Hmm perhaps you should read the article again. There appear to be several very viable avenues where Tolkien could have run across Dekker's Match me in London.
Exactly what did he read between say 1920 & 1930?
Well I would love you to complile a list.
I have a feeling, outside the sphere of his teaching curricula you wouldn't be able to come up with more than a handful of items. Which really goes to show we have little idea on what he did or didn't read!

As to:

I'm not sure that "Bilbo" needs a meaning, explanation, or source: it was just a funny name like Bungo ...

The evidence is quite to the contrary. The naming of several major characters in The Hobbit did have explanations.
If you look carefully through Ms. Seth's articles you'll discover a jest-based suggestion for Bungo too.
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