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As if to accentuate the point, the mist descended upon the Dwarf and the Gondorian. They circled a couple of times, not really sure what to do. After this useless strategy, Éomeléo got off his horse and stood on the grass, chewing his lip.

"We're in a pickle now, Dárin" he said. "What wizardry is this? I can barely see even you now."

"Who said that?"

Éomeléo laughed. At least the Dwarf had a sense of humour.

"In all seriousness, Éomeléo, we are too far gone to attempt a return to the Inn. Rohan is famously a land of wide open spaces. We must try to escape this dratted fog and continue onwards in our direction. We will find the others, of course we will."

Dárin was right. Besides, Éomeléo would not be able to find the Inn again for love nor money. As soon as the mist cleared, they would be able to navigate using the mountains; and from there it was not a long journey to the Gap of Rohan.

"...unless" Dárin continued, "a worse fate than this has befallen them."
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