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"Tansy dear I'm afraid we will need more supplies then I thought, do you have any idea where we could get them? We should leave as soon as possible as long as the weather holds up."

"I don't know", Tansy replied. She really wasn't very enthusiastic about finding all the necessary things from her home or using all her family's money.

Bunny frowned. "Then is more difficult than I imagined... are you sure you don't have a friend or something who could help us with the supplies?"

Tansy smiled wryly at herself. It never occured to her first to ask for someone's help. "I do have one such friend. Her name is Peony Chubb. She lives quite close. But I must say that if we are to ask her to help us with the supplies, we might have to take her with us." Realising how Bunny might interpret her words, she burst laughing. Bunny cast her a questioning look.

"I maybe should not have said 'have to'", Tansy explained, "Peony is a lovely person, really, I'm sure you'll like her."

Before Bunny could make any reply, Maylily's voice interrupted the discussion: "Oh, there you are, girls. Come to eat breakfast, it's getting cooler all the time."

Girls. Tansy rolled her eyes and Bunny chuckled, but both followed the old woman obediently.

Fred and Robin wanted to tell Bunny about the giant perch they had caught last weekend and she was enjoying the story and telling of her own experiences of perches, so they had almost finished the abundant breakfast before Tansy could get to the topic she wanted to discuss.

"Mum, dad, Fred. There's something I want to talk about with you", she said slowly. Fred smiled at her, their mother's eyes narrowed, but their father asked pleasantly: "What is it, Tansy?"

"I wish to go traveling again. Bunny and I have been talking about looking for the legendary Entwives. I don't know how long I would be away."

A silence fell. "But there is one thing I'm worried about. Will you be able to manage without me?"

Maylily snorted in an offended way. "Now, now, Miss Tansy Bogsworth! I don't deny that you have provided a big deal of our family's income, helped Daphne and Fred a lot and done a big part of the household work in the last decade or so. But it is downright arrogant of you to assume that we wouldn't manage by ourselves for a few days? weeks? months? Ha! I tell you, Tansy, none of us is a helpless child!"

Tansy grinned. "Thank you, mother", she said.

"We'll miss you though, Tansy", Fred said with an affectionate smile, "hope you'll have fun."

"And I'll be missing your teas, darling", Robin said, "and maybe sad not to have the few extra coins in our purse. But I'd be far more sad if you were not where you wanted to be."

Tansy sighed. She had known it would come down to money. "Mum, are you really sure you can manage?"

"Now don't start that again, you arrogant lass!" Maylily exclaimed, "Have you forgotten that I and your father work as well? Besides, I assure you, I do have my own savings and I'm not afraid to use them our expenses became too big for us, which I doubt. And for goodness' sake, don't stare at me that way! Can't a mother offer something to her daughter these days?"

When Tansy still made no reply, Maylily burst laughing. "Tansy, if you're that worried, I can promise to take the extra money from your inheritance."

"Does that mean you're really coming with me?" Bunny asked in a low voice.

Tansy looked at her resolute-looking mother and her simling father and brother. "It seems I couldn't back away now even if I wanted: they seem to have decided that it's time for me to have some time of my own", she grinned.
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