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Marieme had never heard her name screamed in such a terrified and desperate way. She sheathed her sword and turned the horse around in slow circles, looking for Glirdingo. She saw him kneeling over Arianna. Marieme's eyes widened as she saw the blood that came from her torso.

She hurried the horse over, jumping off as soon as she was close enough. She gave Glirdingo's shoulder a squeeze and smiled bravely at Arianna. The blood was clearly clotting, that much was a good sign.

"It'll be okay. Just let me see here, Arianna," Marieme said, making sure that her voice was steady. She lifted the blood stained shirt up, making sure that she was still decent. She stopped herself from cringing. It was a deep wound, not deep enough to have cut any organs, but deep enough to lose enough blood.

She reached into the pouch at her hip and pulled out the salve that she had from a previous battle. She opened the bottle and poured the green salve upon the long cut. She applied it thickly. She then took her cloak and her sword and cut it into a long, very thin piece. She wrapped it around Arianna's torso and tied it securely, all the while ignorning the hisses of pain that escaped from Arianna's lips.

Marieme looked over at Glirdingo and gave him a nod. She pulled down Arianna's shirt, reached over and gave Arianna's hand a squeeze. "She'll live," Marieme said softly, thankful that she hadn't lost her friend.
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