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~*~ A foray on the Ranger's table . . .

The horses’ needs had been discussed and a price for their care negotiated. Will seemed a knowledgeable enough person as he and Rhys spoke together and quite conscientious, too. Rhys glanced about the stable and thought it appeared quite clean and well kept. Being an orderly person, himself, this raised the ostler a number of notches in his estimation. He helped Will settle the cart in under the protection of the stable eaves and then left Nia and Olwen comfortably to the Halfling’s capable care.

Tanni had already made her way to the inn’s front door as he turned to find her. Rhys ran quickly across the short expanse of yard to catch up to her. He paused before opening the door to straighten his tunic and brush the hair that had crept from the thick braid down his back back into some semblance of order. Tanni smiled at him as he did so. She’d shaken the dust from her dark blue cloak and draped it artlessly about her. Her hair was thick as her brother's. And while he strove to keep his neat and contained, she did not. A thin copper-colored band held it back somewhat from her brow. But the masses of gingered curls crept here and there about her fair face, swaying freely as she moved and cascading down below her shoulders.

Rhys motioned her through the open door before him. Both stopped briefly in the entry way letting their eyes, used to the bright morning, adjust to the room’s more subdued light. It was warm inside the inn, and Rhys took his sister’s cloak from her, hanging it on one of the pegs by the door. And next to hers, his.

‘I’ll find us a table,’ she told him, her gaze darting here and there, taking in the folk already seated. ‘Over there,’ she said, lifting her chin to where a man sat alone. ‘He looks a bit road-worn; his demeanor’s not too threatening seeming.’ She watched him from the corner of her eye as he ate his meal. ‘And he seems to have learnt some manners along the way. So perhaps we can have a pleasant conversation with him . . . learn something of where he’s been and what, if any, cautions he might give us about the way to Bree.’

Rhys nodded, saying he would fetch some ale for himself and a little wine for her. He, too, gave the promising tablemate a once or twice over, wondering what the man’s business here might be. He looked a little too rough to be a competitor. He trusted Tanni’s quick assessment of the man, knowing her first instincts about a person were usually close to the mark. He watched as she made her way to where the man sat.


‘Begging your pardon, sir,’ Tanni said, as she reached the table. She placed her hands on the back of an empty chair and gave the man a quick smile. ‘My brother and I have just been traveling, up from Sarn Ford. Might we sit with you to break our fast.....and perhaps share in any word you have of happenings along the road to Bree?’

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