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1420! The Golden Perch Inn

May 5 (14 Thrimidge), 1356 SR

It was a gorgeous day in more than one aspect in Seredic’s eyes. Not only was the sun shining, and the grass very green, but the birds were singing merrily in every tree, and the nearby river laughed gaily as it tripped over it’s rocky bottom. There were still other reasons, though. Doubtless, anyone who hadn’t been around the inn long would not have been able to tell why Dick hummed a song he hadn’t always liked as he combed back the unruly curls about his head and took special care that all the buttons on his coat were properly buttoned. It was to be the first day that he unbolted the door of the inn without Gregory Goodbody behind him to oversee everything.

As soon as Dick thought that he looked like the owner and innkeeper that he was, he headed out to the hall. Still humming, he turned to his right and walked towards the Common Room.

“Good morning, Miss Rowan!” he said, stopping his song long enough to greet the young hobbit lass coming out from another room.

“A fine morning it is, sir!” she responded with a broad grin. They passed and Dick continued down the hall. In a moment, he came out into the wide, tall, and empty Common Room, noting with approval the fire already burning in the hearth. His smile became broader as he went across the room to the round front door. With no little amount of pride, he undid the bolt and lock and then opened it wide.

Sunlight streamed in and standing on the front step he could hear the birds calling. He smiled broadly at the morning and then called a greeting to a passing neighbor.

For another moment, he stood on the threshold of the inn, feeling that in the exception of the birth of every one of his children, he had never had a prouder or better day. Then he turned back in and went inside. He walked about the counter and went into the kitchen. Cela and Primrose were already at work.

“Good morning!” he said, above the sound of frying bacon. “What’s for breakfast?”

--- Folwren

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