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As gracefully as Valesseka could manage, she openned the door to the inn and stepped inside. She was half-expecting to see a blue-clad figure somewhere nearby with a big grin, but this simply wasn't the case. However, there was one face that she could recall from the feast after the quest for the golden hoard. It was that of an elf by the name of... oh what was it? Glandoe? That didn't sound right.

Hestitating no longer the Arnorian tossed her hair to one side and stepped forward... onto her hem. The entire manuveur could have been viewed as some what artful if it weren't for a delightfully human squawk while Valesseka tried to catch herself. "Err" she stammered pushing her now overly tossed hair out of her face and blushed "Glerr..? Glaa-?" It was no use. She couldn't remember the elf's name. She hoped this wouldn't be the way he remembered her... elves living until the end of the world and all.

"You're here about... did you get the letter too?"
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