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Dárin listened intently for a while, as the elves talked of missions completed and other such mysterious matters, but nothing to change his mind they were involved. After all, they are elves, and elves are not to be trusted! he thought mutinously. An aquaintance of his! Victim, more like. This must have been a mission to steal our well earned gold!

The heist proceded without interruption until one of the elves appeared to notice him, the male with the blonde hair. "Okay Dwarf, you can come out from hiding now!" Oh the cheek! Dárin's annoyance was further elevated by the fact that he was eavesdropping after all.

Drawing breath, Dárin said in the Common Speech, "Hiding? You were mistaken, elf... I was merely enjoying my pint of ale upon my way to Eriador. My silent exterior goes via my ears, I am hard of hearing you see." This was not quite a lie, but Dárin chose to exaggerate the fact to keep aloft his innocent alias. And he was scared, thinking these elves were bandits or worse, murderers. "What were you speaking of?"
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