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Originally Posted by Inziladun View Post
I'm no admin, and never have been, but I'm always suspicious of User Names that do seem randomly selected, and have nothing to do with Tolkien. It's those that I never seem to see again after the "welcome" mention at the bottom, while others (like you) do go on to active participation.
I'm not honestly sure there's been anyone new start posting since me. No, I take it back: we had merrymatt post 13 times, mostly on the RP subforum. Given how often the ticker ticks over to a new name, that was the cause of my concern.

However, doing a slightly more in-depth check of the last 30-odd user numbers, it seems a fair number of them have been approved, so everything is functioning as it should be and I should have checked before posting. Once again, I salute whatever the current moderation team looks like; they're doing a spectacular job.

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