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‘Haven’t danced in a month of Sterdays!’ the wizened old Hobbit had exclaimed. Her eyes sparkled in the light of the little candle lantern that hung above their table. ‘I hope they play some tunes to set the old feet tapping!’ Granny Greenhill grinned widely at Rhys and Tanni. 'Didn't you say you played the fiddle? And you sang?'

‘’Deed we do, Miz Penstemon!’ Rhys answered, buttering up a slice of bread. ‘Your honey, right?’ he went on spooning up a generous helping of amber colored honey from the pot Tanni had pushed near him.

‘He’ll be busy jamming his mouth full of sweets, Granny,’ Tanni said, laughing. ‘So to answer your question more fully – we do play and sing. It’s one of the pleasurable sides to our business of traveling about to find wares for our family’s livelihood….gathering up the sounds and rhythms of the places we go to.’ She pushed her empty bowl away and took a small sip of wine. ‘What about you Master Hithadan? Do you sing or play an instrument? Or are you a dancer, like Granny Greenhill?’ She raised a brow expectantly at him, a tinge of mischief playing at the corner of her smile.
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