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Rowan looked over at Jack, watching as he picked up the tray Tollers had brought out to him. For a moment, her heart leapt into her throat as the bowls and baskets of bread shifted and clinked a bit. Mistress Cela would have his head if he dropped them!

And wouldn’t that solve our problem… she thought to herself. In her mind’s eye she could just see the doughty cook running the man off the grounds her big cooking spoon waving menacingly in the air. Rowan swallowed a smile and turned back to Will and Prim.

‘You’re right it seems. Looks as if the Perch has taken on another server.’ She pushed back her curls and straightened her apron with a few tugs here and there. ‘Looks like I’d better hop to it if I’m to keep my job. Otherwise I might get replaced by the next stray as comes along.’ She pursed her lips, her eyes narrowing, as she gave Jack’s novice efforts a quick glance.

‘So, what can I bring you two? Stew, mushrooms, bread…?’ Her mouth curved up in a mischievous bow. ‘Two glasses of the chilled, ‘special’ cider that’s kept in the cellar, perhaps? Guaranteed to ease up any aches or pains.’
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