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● Jack Greymoss ●

Jack set his tray down on the corner of the table; proud that he had not spilled a drop of the stew on the way there. He handed out the tableware, all the while telling the two men, the lady, and the elder Hobbit that it was fresh trout stew for the evening fare. Along with some nice crispy fried mushrooms. He put a basket of thick sliced bread on the table along with a pot of sweet cream butter and another of honey.

‘Best honey there is in these parts,’ he said. ‘Apple blossom this one, from Granny Greenhill’s bees, or so I’m told.’ He wondered a bit as the lady grinned at the Elder Hobbit.

He handed round a bowl of stew to each one, and a plate of mushrooms for all to share; then, asked what it was they’d like to drink. Repeating each one’s order, he tucked them firmly away in his memory and went off to the bar to fetch them.

Once done, he picked up his tray from the bar and continued to make his way....his careful way... to where other hungry guests were waiting.
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