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DURIN'S BANE: A magic one to meet a giant, but muddled, and a dwarf’s property? (orange)
ITHILIEN: Clematis, myrtle, irises, anemones and thyme grow here. (purple)
FRUIT (ORANGES): They’re discoloured, in Errantry – but use a generic term. (yellow)
FINDUILAS'S CLOAK: A gift to a lady in convalescence. (blue)
EBONY: Used for a sea-lover’s arrows – but prepared like a sheep? (black)
RAIN-CURTAIN: It seems to jump state to shining glass, both in a dream and a real, final vision. (silver)
EGLANTINE: At mete wel y-taught was she with-alle. She leet no morsel from hir lippes falle. (pink)
NIPHREDIL: A bloom to greet a princess. (white)
THINGOL: Dull of raiment, and a lord of dull people? Hardly! (grey)

SIGNATURES: Seven required on Shire wills. (red)
HOLDWINE'S SCAR: A mark left by orcish first-aid. (brown)
AMETHYST: A Hornblower, and a Wesleyan? But not strange, we hear. (mauve)
DWIMORDENE: Land a confused broad around a London suburb, via the bank? (golden)
EMERALD: It shines upon a mariner’s breast. (green)
SKIN: Frodo’s - aflame? In a tower? (scarlet)

EBONY is right, and gives us the shade of black. Earendil's arrows are shorn of ebony, and it is usually a SHEEP that is SHORN. (Not just Shaun the Sheep. A sheep shorn for summer, after shearing, has always been a shorn sheep).

Originally Posted by Kath View Post
A bean? I don't know what you mean by 'isolate it' though.
You've just done it! You've isolated BEAN from beanstalk!

Now, muddle BEAN up. Just a little.

And remember that some of the things we own can be a little abstract.

EDIT: You either hadn't posted this while I was putting in EBONY, or there was a new page and I didn't see it:-

Originally Posted by Kath View Post
Ohhhhh! Durin's Bane! Because BANE is BEAN muddled. So whatever colour you're counting the balrog as - red, black, shadowy?
ORANGE. Fiery.

I don't think Tolkien liked the word 'orange' at all. It only occurs once in 'The Hobbit.' And I think once or not at all in LOTR. I searched for it in online versions of the text, trying to get ideas for a clue. Fire, eyes, sun, etc always seem to be red or yellow in Tolkien.

Well done all, and over to Urwen!
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