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Groin Redbeard’s character:

NAME: Trór

AGE: 140 years old

RACE: Dwarf


WEAPONS: Trór is capable of using anything as a weapon, he is proficient in his skills with the axe, sword and spear. When fighting scattered enemies he favors a shield and a spear for thrusting. When the fighting gets dense, Trór takes up his strong single edged axe.

APPEARANCE: With an extremely strong build he stands at average height with a strong upper torso. Tror wears a braided, thick, dark brown beard and has a bushy brow. His eyes are piercing in nature and look as if they can read a man's thoughts. His face has the appearance of one who has seen many arduous trials.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Trór is loyal, trustworthy, dedicated, gruff, tough and is always prepared to sacrifice himself for a cause. For the most part he is blunt and callous, but can also be quiet and understanding at times. A leader in warfare he leaves no room for error and demands perfection from his colleagues.

Most of the time his ego gets in the way of what’s important. He has a temper that can explode at anytime and he tends to take his troubles out on the people that he loves. Although he is content with peace and quiet, he is a warrior first and his true home is on the battlefield.

HISTORY: Trór was born in the Iron Hills while under the leadership of Náin, and later Dain II Ironfoot. As a young Dwarf he was dedicated to learning ancient lore and maintaining his great physical fitness. It was not easy living in the mountains in those days, it was home to many fowl creatures not found in the south and when alone outside the protection of the great halls one had to be extremely careful. This rough lifestyle toughened him up physically and emotionally.

Náin issued forth one day from the Iron Hills to come to the aid of Thráin in the war between Dwarves and the Orcs. Trór was bitterly disappointed at missing this opportunity to fight for his king. Nevertheless, his disappointment did not stop him from harkening to the tales of the warriors that had fought there.

When he became of age (33 according to Dwarf custom) he became a soldier and was immediately singled out as a hard and tough disciplinarian and perfectionist. This attitude soon got him a promotion, now he was leading Dwarves instead of being led.

Trór fought in The Battle of the Five Armies with many other notable Dwarves such as Thorin, Glóin, Óri, Óin and Balin. The battle was Trór's first great test as a leader and warrior. During the battle, as a sea of Goblins and Wargs swarmed about them, he and his Dwarves stood like a rock. He was unmovable, despite being wounded twice by Goblin arrows (thankfully they weren't poisoned). After the battle he was privileged to meet Óri and Óin, he took an immediate like to them and they worked long and hard together under the rule of King Dain.

Erebor would be his home for around fifty years, and he was in a prominent position with the king and his counselors but the splendor and wealth of Erebor under King Dain’s rule was not enough for him, he wanted to restore the Dwarven race to it’s former prominence of old. At Erebor Trór became acquainted with Balin and several other Dwarfs such as Loni and Nali. Together Balin confided in them (including Óin and Óri) a plan to take back the great Dwarf colony of Khazad-Dum. Trór met his proposal with enthusiasm and did all that he could to help his new friend.

Together they drove out the hordes of Orcs the dark halls and accumulated wealth. When the colony was once again theirs, Balin appointed Trór as his second in command. Honored by this appointment, Trór did all that he could to help things run smoothly in Khazad-Dum. However, even after five years of a well lived life in the colony he can’t seem to shake a feeling of foreboding of a terror that has been rumored to still lurk in the shadows.



Secondary Character

Name: Nîsa

AGE: 87

RACE: Dwarf

GENDER: Female

WEAPONS: Has never wielded a true weapon in her life, but has taken up the mattock to help with the work in the mines.

APPEARANCE: She stands a little shorter than the average Dwarf an has long dark hair. Her girth is normal for a Dwarf: thick and heavy, but is not at all unfit.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Nîsa is a kind and caring maiden to her people, devoted to the well being of others. She is a cook and somewhat of a healer, using the moss and roots that grow underneath the mountains.

She is currently in search of a husband and desperately wants to be loved by someone and to on day have children, but she has yet to find a Dwarf whom she loves. Nîsa is an outgoing maiden and is quite friendly to all who know her.

HISTORY: Nîsa is the youngest cousin of Trór and grew up with him in the Iron Hills. Her life for the most part was uneventful living like a typical Dwarf, but all that changed when she moved to Erebor at the request of her cousin. She was immediately taken in by Trór and was given a position of authority with the other ladies of the of the colony because of her family ties and her skills as a healer.

Nîsa became well acquainted with Óri and Óin when she settled in Erebor. On day Trór came to her with the news of his departure with a large army of Dwarves bound on a quest to the kingdom of Khazad-dum. She was saddened at her cousins’ departure with many of her friends and soon made up her mind to brave the dangers and follow him.

With the other Dwarves, she helped to rebuild the ancient city and met a Dwarf named Frar in the process. Nîsa is very happy in her new home and has no intention on leaving anytime soon.


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