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On Bailliffs, Stewards, and Almbudsmen

Folwren and I have been talking about the Steward role at the Mead hall. So I'm posting this here to keep everybody abreast of what I'm thinking.....

'Steward' and 'bailliff' are Anglo to Norman cognates (means the words are directly related from one language to the other) BUT ----> they don't mean the same thing.

A steward is second in command to a king or lord, and has a much higher position than the bailliff has, which is a more limited and legal role.

I've been meaning to split the job of Steward of the Eorling Mead Hall in two. The two jobs would be "steward" and "almbudsman". The almbudsman is a gatherer of fees and fines, and an enforcer of the law - actually much closer to what a bailliff does.

And now we have Marinel, Jenny Hallu's second character, who can slide right into the position (after a while). So what Folwren and I have agreed to is that Thornden will, at the end of one month's trial period, say that the job of steward is not the best fit for him, for whatever reasons Folwren decides to give Thornden. Eodwine will agree to Thornden's request to be almbudsman. Sound good?
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