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Let us consider, for the purposes of Eorling Mead Hall, Alcarillo, that the Rohirrim have indeed invaded the lands of the Dunlendings, as a reprisal for the Dunlending alliance to Saruman. I've had an rpg idea on the back burner .... in which Eodwine is appointed Warden of the Dunland Marches, in which he is ordered by Eomer to (1) bolster the defenses along the new border (2) impose Rohirric rule and law upon the folk of Dunland that are within the new border (3) give swift reprisal against Dunlending attacks onto the new Rohorric land.

Now it has to be someone beside Eodwine, since the man has a new Eorlship to deal with instead, but I still like the idea. It's a replaying of English history without the Norman influence, more or less.

I'd like to see Manywyth (is that right) brought into the mead hall before I make a post for Eodwine.
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