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‘Here you go then, Master Alferad,’ Penny said, hurrying back from the kitchen with a tray of steaming dishes. ‘A generous bowl of beans and ham . . . and I’ve brought you a small dish of chopped onion. Wasn’t sure you like them, but thought I’d bring it anyway. And here’s a little basket of hot, fluffy biscuits. With butter here and a pot of strawberry jam and one of honey, too.’ She laid the food out before the hobbit. ‘Enjoy!’ Penny set a full mug of ale down next to the other one that Rowan had brought earlier. ‘Thought it might be a two mug meal.’

With a smile and quick curtsy, Penny left Al to his meal and made her way to Mistress Elin’s room. She rapped softly on the door, not wanting to wake the little girl if she were napping.

‘Mistress Elin . . . m’am?’ she called out quietly. ‘It’s Penny. Rowan’s sent me with some hot tea for you.’

Penny waited for a few moments, but could hear no stirring in the room. 'Well, perhaps she's tired, too, from all her traveling.' She set the thick-cozied pot and cups on the little table just outside Elin's door and hurried away quietly.

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