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‘And I figure that way, we’ll have time that way to clean out a few cupboards and start rearranging . . .’

Cook’s last words were still hanging in the air as Rowan headed out the kitchen door to the common room. She wanted to avoid any further conversation on what needed to be done and who was going to do what. As far as she was concerned there was nothing wrong with the organization of the kitchen. ‘I sure hope this Cook’s here for a good, long time . . . don’t want to have to get used to another one’s whims and wishes!’

It was just as she entered the room that she saw the golden haired woman turning to leave the Inn. One of the big folk, she wondered – no, one of the fair folk by her stature and grace.

Rowan sighed. And there was Master Alferad, calling out for Penny to bring more food and beer. And where was Penny? She spotted her sitting at the table with Granny. Rowan raised her brows at the pair. Had Granny managed to convince Penny she should meet her grandson? She was a sly old fox, was granny. And poor Penny was not yet used to her ways.

With a brief stop behind the bar to draw a fresh mug of ale for Al, Rowan hurried to the hobbit’s side. ‘Here’s your drink, Master Alferad,’ she said, holding the mug out to him. ‘Now just settle yourself comfortably in your chair and I’ll fetch you your seconds. Beans, ham, biscuits, honey…..the whole spread, yes?’

‘By the way,’ she said, pursing her lips as she raised her chin toward the door. ‘Who was that Elven lady that just left? Was she looking for someone or something here at the Inn and didn’t find it? Seems like she took her leave awful quick like.’
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