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Al jumped when a silvery voice behind him said, "My pardon. I am, alas, myself. Goldie. Goldie Seasong. Is this one often like this?" Turning around, he saw the elven maiden who had just came into the inn. He didn't hear her approaching him. It took a few seconds for him to comprehend that Goldie was referring to him, a notion that made indignation and outrage burst forth. I always said that these 'Fair Folk' aren't alright! Something queer with their minds! Just look at this one - no manners, no nothing in her! Sneaks up behind me, doesn't introduce herself to me, and talks over my head as if I wasn't here!

“Always like this? I could not say after so short an acquaintanceship – and I must leave you to decide for yourself. I need to check on my daughter,” Elin replied to Goldie. Well, this lady has more sense! Maybe it has something to do with hair colour - she's golden and me and Elin are dark-haired. Dark brown is close enough to black... However, the prospect of being left alone to face Goldie was not something he appreciated. Turning to Al, Elin added, “I’ll tell you about the Blackroot another time, when you are less… distracted maybe.” Al nodded.

Al puffed up his chest in what he thought to be a dignified manner and pointedly stared at the wall, hoping that Goldie would go away. His hopes were broken when she forced him to get into a conversation by asking him for an opinion:

"Is 'distracted' the correct word?" Hmm, I was distracted when she intruded. However, that didn't seem the right thing to say. And what business does she have picking at Lady Elin's words? As my muther said, first speak well yourself, and then meddle in others' speech!

"If Lady Elin meant to say what she did, then there is no question about it," Al said stiffly, continuing to stare at the wall. Cabbages and potatoes! What a nuisance!
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