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Sorry it took me way longer than planned.

Originally Posted by Boromir88 View Post
Yes we all know how to use brains (sometimes I question the sanity of Lommy's

Originally Posted by satansaloser2005 View Post
The point is that the cobbler could easily suggest themself toNight and basically give the wolves their identity. Of course they run the risk of being killed *cough* Boro *cough* but if it works it could pay off big time. And yeah, I know, Iíve probably given the cobbler ideas, but I think a clever cobbler would think of it anyway. I think it could be a serious problem for us if the cobbler is able to identify themself to the wolves, so if we catch the cobbler, Iíd be more than happy to kill them (or at the very least have them hunted). Of course wolves must be our first priority but if the wolves know their cobbler and one of them is in danger, they could easily sacrifice their cobbler in order to keep their double kills. I donít want a cobbler-cide to happen. I want to kill wolves. Thus, letís make sure that, if the cobbler is killed, the village is the one doing it, and not the wolves, so the baddies canít use the cobblerís death to their advantage.
No. It won't work - unless the Cobbler says it in the thread. So if the wolves get sally's name tonight, they can go back and realise "Hey, she said this!" I really really really don't like this point.

Originally Posted by Ozban View Post
As the air grows gravely stinky
this may seem like out of blue
I ask advice of my pinky:
'cause I know not half of you
"I shall not vote Agan kinky."
and the end is nearly due.

(I totally cracked up.)

Seriously I've only skimmed through the thread, I'll comment on everything if I'm still alive tomorrow. I pretty much exhausted myself last time I played so I decided to take it easier this time, but I wasn't planning to post this little. I'll probably vote for sally because her point about the cobbler reeks evil.
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