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Originally Posted by satansaloser2005 View Post
Kit is bizarre because she is. I didn't say it was a bad thing, after all. Just strange.

And I reference post numbers, but alas can't make with the linky when I'm typing in Word and have no net to do stuff with, sorry. Posts are responded to in chronological order however.
Okee.....and yeah, I can tell that they're chronological, but in order to figure out what posts you're talking about, one would have to have two windows open and then one would then have to re-read everything....and one is too lazy to do so, so I'll just focus on the things you say that I know for sure which posts you're referring too (which are a fair amount of them).

With that said, I think Sally is at the top of my list. With the incorrect representation of what Skip said about the Seer, and the fact that she seems to be a bit all over the place with dislikes and likes, either by going from liking someone to not, or some are just a "yay, this person is shiny" or "no, I don't like this", without really giving any reasons. I know all that is a bit superficial, and on it's own I wouldn't likely suspect her, but that isn't all I have against yeah, I'm really suspecting her right now.

But I will wait a bit longer, and maybe skim back through a bit. But I really think I'm going to go with Sally toDay.

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