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Thanks to both WCH and Mandos for their legal expertise. I truly appreciate the clarity of the posting by Mandos regarding injunctions.

I found this from WCH interesting

As for New Line proceeding while this suit is in litigation: how will they get financing? Investors won't touch this with a ten-foot pole until the matter is resolved.
Is this something you know as fact based on news or inside reports or is this just your conclusion based on how you see things? Because I have read several legal people say that while the Estate has a strong case in winning damages, their claim to stop the upcoming productions is weaker in comparison. Given the track record of LOTR in terms of revenues, if there is one film that investors would be lining up to get in on it would be another Jackson Middle-earth film. Of course, that excludes the accounting methods of NL to pay off the investors. If protections could be provided and accounting methods transparent, I would think there would be a rush of investors to fund these films.

If Warner takes over operations of NL I would think they would have little difficulty in financing a $150 million dollar film with the possibility of $1 billion in ticket sales let alone ancillary revenue.

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